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The Art of Building a Life in Italy

Benvenuto! If living in Italy is your dream, I’d love to be a resource.

I created to share my journey of living in Italy as an American Expat. For me, moving to Italy required great preparation and diligence, as did navigating the many legalities of becoming an Italian resident. I depended heavily on the advice and experience of others who had already made the journey, so I know the value of resources that can help you build a plan to execute your dream of living in Italy!

My story has multiple parts, and so I have organized this blog accordingly. Some people mistakenly assume, by leaving life in the U.S., I effectively entered retirement. I have an allergic reaction to that word because I am hungry to learn and do. And, living in Italy affords me the opportunity to embrace and develop ALL of my interests. Being an artist and writer is hard-coded into my DNA, so I can’t tell my full-story without sharing my creative journeys as well.

I hope you’ll find ItalyWise intuitive and easy (don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback).

Enjoy the journey!


Living In Italy

If living in Italy is your dream, I’d love to be a resource.

Living In Italy

Starting A New Life In Italy

Perhaps some of my musings will resonate with you on your journey of change.

Starting A New Life

Things To Do In Italy

My views and insights that hopefully are well off the beaten path.

Things To Do


Please enjoy my gallery of art/photography.

Art & Photography

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