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The Art of Building a Life in Italy

Do you dream of living in Italy?

I’ve been living in Italy for seven years, and the adventures (and lessons) keep coming. On this site/blog you’ll find a wide variety of posts chronicling my transition to becoming an Italian resident and American expat. While many of my posts offer one person’s perspective on navigating the sometimes daunting logistics, many others speak to the mental and emotional journey through changes that come with making such a momentous life and cultural change. As an artist and photographer, I also tell my story through my paintings and my photography. I hope you’ll find the entire package both useful and inspiring.

You, too, can make this journey. In my experience, advance research and planning, and networking with others who have gone before you are invaluable.

One of my founding objectives of ItalyWise was to have a place where people can converse and share their experiences through making comments and offering feedback. I think you’ll find many topics and related posts rich with conversation from my subscribers. Be sure to mine these important perspectives from other people!

In bocca al lupo!*


* Literally, “in the mouth of the wolf,” which is an Italian expression wishing someone well in an endeavor, similar to the English expression “break a leg.”

Living In Italy

If living in Italy is your dream, I’d love to be a resource.

Living In Italy

Starting A New Life In Italy

Perhaps some of my musings will resonate with you on your journey of change.

Starting A New Life

Things To Do In Italy

My views and insights that hopefully are well off the beaten path.

Things To Do


Please enjoy my gallery of art/photography.

Art & Photography

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