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The Art of Getting the Most Out of Italy

Jed of ItalyWise

Do you dream of Italy?

Do you want to spend extended time here? Are you considering living here? Then you’ve come to what I hope you’ll find is a resource full of insight and wisdom. I’ve lived in Italy for almost nine years now and, as I’ve come to learn, experience is the best teacher.

I included “wise” in my website’s name because I want to help people “do” Italy right. I want to help people get past what easily can be only a surface experience. When a person takes the time and effort to get into the grout of Italy, they’ll thank themselves. Italy with all its beauty and its incredible cuisine is a country full of complexity and paradox.

I invite you to jump in and swim around with all that has been created and included in ItalyWise during the past eight-plus years. You’ll find that I don’t just speak with words, but with paints and with my camera lens.

Thanks for visiting ItalyWise. I hope you’ll become a subscriber and keep feeding your Italy dreams.


Immersing Yourself in Italy Life

Looking to live in Italy or take an extended stay?

Navigating a Major Life Change?

Perhaps some of my musings will resonate with you on your journey of change.

Things To Do In Italy

My views and insights that hopefully are well off the beaten path.


Please enjoy my gallery of art/photography.

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