Learning Italian? Manu is the #1 YouTube Resource!

Italy Made Easy

Manu explains how you can make the most of his incredible online resources.

This week I close out my interview with Manu of Italy Made Easy and the last interview question. If you’re intent on learning Italian I urge you to take advantage of his engaging teaching style.

Italy Made Easy has over 22,000 subscribers on YouTube

Yes, the public has spoken, with a huge thumbs up for Manu. After only watching a few of his videos I was hooked, and jumped into his large following. The more I’ve experienced his teaching style, the more I’m convinced he’s the best Italian language resource online. My spouse, who is Italian (Milanese), and a very tough critic, has said to me, several times, “This guy is really good!”.

If you’re learning Italian you’ll have 286 free videos at your fingertips

Think about it. With the Italy Made Easy YouTube channel, you’ll have daily, digestible lessons for a good part of a year. You can pick and choose, based on your level, and I’d encourage you to get in the habit of a daily dose of Italian this way.

When you decide to ramp up your efforts for learning Italian, you can structure a more formalized program through ItalyMadeEasy.com.

Manu launched his revolutionary new program, Zero to Italian, just a few weeks ago, and the response has been so strong Manu has been working sixteen to twenty hour days. This man is passionate about teaching, and helping you succeed! Believe me, I don’t hand out endorsements easily. So, I hope you’ll follow my lead and become one of Manu’s followers and students.

Check out Manu’s lesson about pronunciation of the vowels in Italian.

This is one of my favorite lessons because it addresses how people can get tripped up when speaking. For English speakers, the vowels have different sounds than we’re used to. This is where I sometimes get lazy, and don’t enunciate properly. Lastly, Manu helps you understand why Italian is considered a melodic language. Enjoy and learn!

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  1. Neil Vetrano March 14, 2017 at 10:45 am - Reply

    I completely agree, Manu’s teaching is fantastic. Yes, lots of great content on YouTube for free. I am a subscribed student in his Zero to Italian program. It is just what I needed to finally make progress learning the language. It it structured like the university courses Manu teaches with some great features and integrations. Course units unlock weekly and provide a structured approach which has helped me to to finally get into a good routine. Although I have been fumbling through speaking “Italian” for a year now, living in North Italy, I am learning great stuff even from Unit 1 of this program. I have recommended it to a few friends and all absolutely love it. I have just started Unit 4 and have to say that it is a fantastic program. Manu knows how to teach the language, building the right foundations and then bringing it all together. It is still offered at a discount as they work out the bugs and refine the technical features of this new platform, so it is a great time to join. (I say all that and don’t get any referral fee, I just really love it and hope others will as well)

    • Jed March 14, 2017 at 6:45 pm - Reply

      Neil, you add such important context! Thank for sharing your enthusiasm from personal experience with Manu! Jed

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