Yes, you can adopt a sheep in Italy, even if you’re halfway across the world.

And by doing so, you help support an organic sheep and goat farm deep in the mountains of Abruzzo, Italy. You get to name him or her, get an identity card and certificate, and you will have artisanal cheeses and wool products shipped to you as part of your sponsorship.

Master Shepherd Nunzio Marcelli birthed the Adopt a Sheep program twenty years ago.

As part of my in-depth visit to Nunzio’s organic farm, La Porta dei Parchi, I had the good fortune to sit down with him and hear firsthand about the program. The video below, the second in a four-part series about the farm, is dedicated solely to the Adopt a Sheep program.

A program designed for people living in cities to stay connected with life on a farm that is dedicated to sustainable practices.

Whether you’re half a world away from Italy or whether you’re a short train ride or flight away, the Adopt a Sheep program keeps you close to La Porta dei Parchi, your sheep, and the amazing products the farm produces. If the video below whets your appetite, I encourage you to go to La Porta dei Parchi’s website to get all the details and to sign up.

And, coming soon is La Porta dei Parchi’s journey with the shepherds, La Transumanza! Stay tuned.