This ranks as one of the best experiences of my life.

I know, it’s a  lofty claim.  But, on a sunny October afternoon, I found myself sitting outside, surrounded by the majestic mountains of Abruzzo, being guided by Master Shepherd Nunzio Marcelli through a tasting of truly spectacular organic cheeses. Nunzio is the visionary leader of La Porta dei Parchi, an organic sheep and goat farm that has been in existence for decades making some of the best artisanal cheeses you will ever put in your mouth.


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The farm’s organic cheeses include a multitude of herbed, smoked ricotta.

It all happened organically…

No pun intended. As I sat down at my giant hi-resolution computer monitor to create the video below, the fourth in a series about La Porta dei Parchi,  I was soon transported back in time.  I remembered how my dear friends Novelia and Peppe and I had decided to “swing by” the farm for an informal visit and cheese tasting with Nunzio. I had my camera and tripod in tow, thinking I’d try to capture a bit of footage of the sheep and goats, the beautiful surroundings, and some of the farm’s products. We’d thought we’d be there for two hours, tops. About five hours later we were reluctantly pulling out of the parking lot while remarking “Did that just happen?” Yes, that’s how special the afternoon was, and how generous Nunzio was with his hospitality.

Amazing experiences have a way of finding me when I’m not trying to overly orchestrate life.

This is a big takeaway and important reminder for me. If you’ve followed some of my more reflective blog posts you’ll know that I’m a recovering control freak. I’ve been learning more and more how the universe has plenty to offer when I don’t try to manhandle it. This particular afternoon, which just kept unfolding in marvelous ways, is a prime example.

Join me for a small window into this extraordinary experience in the following video.

Our tasting included six kinds of cheese, lardo, and sheep salami—all sustainably and organically produced. Appropriately, it was accompanied by a yummy local Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Once you’ve watched this video I suspect you’ll be eager for more information about La Porta dei Parchi’s organic cheeses, ao click here to learn more(Be prepared with Google Translator since this section of their website is only in Italian).

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