A chitarra that makes pasta, not music?

I argue that it makes both, especially after another guided journey in “la cucina” with my dear friend Novelia. Could spaghetti alla chitarra be that much better than spaghetti made with an expensive KitchenAid? Plenty.

Can the hands infuse some magical quality to pasta?

After this experience, I’d say “Yes!” Maybe grounding oneself in the simplicity of days gone by has benefits. Maybe making pasta without the help (and ease) of modern technology can bring us back to an essential reverence for creating that which sustains us.

Novelia, with her spaghetti alla chitarra has made me a convert.

I dare say she’ll also make you a convert too after you watch the following video.

If you haven’t already seen my previous video with Novelia in which she provides richly entertaining instruction for making fettuccine a mano (by hand), I encourage you to watch it. I hope the fettuccine and this spaghetti alla chitarra are just the start of other culinary adventures with Novelia.

“Enough already!” I can hear the cries now. I agree. Let the video roll and let Novelia do her magic!


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Interested in a firsthand experience in the kitchen with Novelia?

Let me know! Since the first video with Novelia, I’ve received an outpouring of enthusiasm from many of you. Hence, I’m plotting to put together a specially-curated Abruzzo experience that includes cooking classes with Novelia, as well as unique excursions coupled with photo assignments and instruction. IF this happens, I envision a very small group (high touch) of enthusiasts. So, if this idea resonates with you, let me know through my contact form and I’ll reach out to you with details when they come to fruition!

I hope you enjoyed watching Novelia make spaghetti alla chitarra as much as I did!