One Excursion to Valloria Wasn’t Nearly Enough.

I thought I’d done a fairly thorough job of seeing Valloria when I took a long leisurely stroll there a few months ago. But returning recently with dear friends who were visiting revealed previously unseen treasures! I discovered new passageways and corners loaded with painted doors.

My Followers Have Wanted More to See More of this Unique Italian Art

My previous introductory blog post about Valloria (see it here) was one of my most viewed in my eight years of ItayWise. And the YouTube video that takes you on a tour of this hillside village of painted doors also has been met with great enthusiasm. So, I’ve had plenty of impetus to get my butt back to Valloria and make a follow-up video.

Details, details, details

In addition to scoping out previously unseen doors, I commanded my eyes to linger over and study the details and brushstrokes of the artists. The two doors in the feature image of this post are prime examples of attention to detail. I’m particularly enamored of the door with the face that isn’t really a face.  I call that artistic genius, fooling the eye like that (at least from afar).

Join me for yet another video tour of Valloria’s painted doors.

It’s a short one (barely over a minute). You’ll see that I’ve zoomed in on details that allow you to see the artist’s hand more clearly. If I haven’t already whetted your appetite to visit this extraordinary Ligurian village with my previous post, I hope this will push you over the edge!