How to Avoid the Biggest Pitfalls When Learning Italian

Learning Italian

Manu shares important insights about where new students get tripped up.

Today is the fifth in the interview series with Manu, the best go-to resource online for learning Italian. In this short video Manu eloquently speaks to the common mis-steps that new students of Italian often make. In his usual engaging and inspiring teaching style, he helps you master important basics that will help open doors and endear you to the hearts of the Italian people.

When you learn Italian understanding how to address people with respect is paramount!

I confess this is one of my pet peeves, and I wince when I hear fellow Americans blithely tossing “ciao” around to everyone, including strangers. You can be doing yourself a disservice by assuming a familiarity with strangers, officials, and elders – so I highly advise you to listen to this video. Manu speaks to the importance of this WAY better than I could ever hope to.

Getting the pronunciation right is also tops on the list!

I love that Manu assures students that they don’t have to aspire to sound like a native. But, he rightly emphasizes the importance of getting the phonetics right. My advice, don’t get sloppy with the unique Italian sounds, and be sure to enunciate every letter (particularly double consonants – which can have disastrous results in some instances if you get it wrong!)

I’ll shut up now and let Manu, the master do what he does so well.

Catapult yourself to fluency with  Manu’s new Zero to Italian – a new, comprehensive online program for learning Italian!

Zero to Italian

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