Street performers in Venice have a never-ending audience of tourists flooding the city. If you’re an artist and you’re good at your craft––or if you’re particularly adept at being novel, you might be able to make a decent wage.

It’s pretty easy to find a musical maestro

Consider the photo above. I know people have heard plenty of glass music, but this fella is something to behold. How a person can coax music with such dimension out of the glasses is beyond my comprehension. He continues to hold the top spot in my estimation of street performers in Venice. I’ve seen him countless times and he never fails to deliver a masterful performance. I’m heartened that so many people reward his talent and hard work with generous donations. I hope he makes a fair living at this. A person can also buy a DVD from him. I’m glad to know his craft is available for “take-away!”

Venetian Street Performers

Passionate Cellist – © Jed Smith 2018

Classical street performers are plentiful.

In many ways, I prefer to have an impromptu classical concert like the one above, instead of the gazillion Vivaldi concerts being hawked all over town by people clad in period costume. I’m not saying these formalized concerts are bad, just a bit formulaic and pricey. And, if you could witness the passion this guy puts into his performance and hear the quality of his work, you just might opt to camp out with a bottle of wine and be serenaded. I’m happy to donate generously. Yes, more like him, please!

Venice Street Performers

Bubble Improv © Jed Smith 2018

And then there are the folks who turn something simple into art and acrobatics.

This man wins the prize for the agilest of all street performers I’ve seen. He turns blowing bubbles into something mesmerizing. I tip him for entertainment and resourcefulness. And I love that the lack of a Julliard-worthy education is no impediment towards being an artist.

On a side note, I envied this guy for what he could do with his body (and his knees). For me, that ship sailed a LONG time ago.

Just scratching the surface.

I’ve featured just three street performers in Venice. There are loads more, including people who pale in comparison to the three fellows above. Maybe these other people are banking on people with less refined tastes and fat purses!

Hit Venice spring through fall and you’ll be generously rewarded with art on the streets!