An Italian wedding, whether you are “stranieri” (foreigners), or Italians, can be an extraordinary event.
A magical wedding is what every bride and groom envision, and being married in a country known for romance and love can be the realization of that dream.

I’ve attended and photographed weddings here in Italy, including those of American citizens and of those of native Italians. Each one has been magical in its own way, and I have felt privileged to be present, and to be asked to photograph an event so rich with emotion.

I strive to capture spontaneous moments and unique perspectives.

When I have been asked about photographing a wedding, I explain to the betrothed couples that I approach photography in a way that is often furtive and playful. My experience, from working as a creative director in marketing for many years, is that the best and most authentic and compelling moments come when people are not so aware of a camera being pointed at them and when they don’t feel as though they have to “perform” in some idyllic manner.

I hope you enjoy the galleries below which highlight some of my favorite wedding images.

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A magical wedding in Florence.

A summer Italian wedding at a castle in Umbria.

An October wedding at a local agriturismo.

An upscale Italian affair.