Gotta have wood…..

Four thousand pounds of firewood for my wood-burning stove have just been delivered.

Four thousand pounds of firewood for our wood-burning stove have just been delivered. Now the transferring and stacking work begins.


Well, it’s that time of year when we, especially those of us living deep in the hills and countryside of Umbria, order our firewood. Each year we bet on what kind of winter is ahead and how much wood we’ll need to stay warm. While we have radiators in the house running off our propane tank of gas, we’re loathe to use it too much because you could put a kid through college for the price of keeping your house warm and toasty through radiators alone.

This year we transferred quite a bit of wood from our shed out front which has been drying for the past couple of years. But, because it is so well “cured”, it burns quickly. So, I calculated that we’d be okay for a while, but I also wanted to be sure that we had plenty of back-up, just in case. So, our local wood guy, arrived with his tractor and trailer and dumped 4,000 lbs. of wood at the end of our driveway. From there, I have to “toss” the wood into the area below, and then transfer it inside to the storage room, and stack it neatly – emphasis on neatly so that I’m not found dead one day from improperly stacked wood falling and burying me alone in my basement where “no cries are heard”. Also, I want to be sure I can access the wood during the coldest of days without venturing outside. And, the locals are predicting a hard winter ahead.

This year’s firewood is of fine quality. Nice, hard and slow-burning wood. Wood is ordered in quintali, which is about 100 kg. or 220 lbs. (very rough calculation here). Here it runs anywhere from 10.50 euro to 11 euro  per quintale depending on how much you’re buying. I find it advisable to bet on higher consumption and have more on hand. After all, you’ll already be a step ahead of the game next year.

Since we’re in Rome much of the winter, we’re confident we’re in good shape for at least a couple of years.

There’s nothing like getting cozzy during the winter with a great fire close by….

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