I’m a Fan of the Sisterhood

Nuns, Italywise

Sisters Just Wanna Have Fun – Photo by Jed Smith ©2017

This week’s post is going to be short, and a break from the two previous posts dealing with the very un-glamorous, but necessary, topics related to driving in Italy and car ownership.

Shall we talk about the nuns?

When I’m out and about with my camera and have my longer lens, so I can work more furtively, I go into high-alert when I spot members of the sisterhood. If you saw me at work you’d think I’d spotted George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Yes, I chase the nuns with my camera like I’m a member of the paparazzi.

I love it when I see the nuns smiling and cutting loose a bit. Take for instance these animated sisters enjoying the festivities at the annual Barcolana, a huge sailing regatta in Trieste, Italy. These girls are happy to be part of the fun. Their faces and body language say it all. I’d say the ringleader of this group is the sister on the left. You almost expect her to start jumping up and down with excitement.

And when the nuns go shopping?

Yes, I’m even on high alert in a gourmet grocery store. We were winding down our day and escaping the throngs of people along the harbor where there were more displays/booths than you can imagine, so we found respite in an upscale grocery and headed to the bar for a prosecco. After all, it was cocktail hour (and people in Northern Italy LOVE their drink). Then, I spied two nuns floating up the escalator, and it was almost if they head a heavenly light illuminating their path. I raced off to see if a photo op would present itself. And so I offer the second photo in this post.

To me, this image demonstrates the reverence that can come when a person is presented with finely crafted foods! And, it helps dispel the belief that nuns are confined to a life of bland austerity. I would love to know what they ended up putting in their baskets, but that would have been way too intrusive. As it was, I asked God to forgive me for snooping around to catch these nuns in their shopping moment.

Nuns, Italywise

Whan Shopping Becomes a Holy Experience – © 2017 Jed Smith

More to come…

This post hasn’t exactly been a “deep dive” into the world on the nuns here in Italy, but I’m certainly building a collection of images to do a bigger nun-themed story one of these days. For now, my nun photography is pretty hit or miss, Time to devote myself to a more defined strategy, and then see what happens. Stay tuned!