Customized Italian Lessons

Here’s a golden opportunity to learn Italian one-on-one with an excellent native speaker!

I’m constantly advising people who want to spend substantial time in Italy to learn the language. The reasons and benefits are ample, but the biggest payoff is that your life in Italy will be immensely more rewarding. With a command of speaking Italian, you won’t feel like an outsider. You’ll also be a better master of your own fate. You’ll endear yourself more readily to Italians.

Simone tailors his instruction to your level and preferred learning style.

My friends, this is a BIG deal. Italian tutors and online resources are plentiful. If you’re looking for a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all, you’ll find plenty of options. But, Simone has been diligent in building a wide variety of learning resources to be able to craft a study program that works for you, individually.

Fun is the name of the game!

Keeping the tone light and fun is essential for Simone and his teaching style. He is warm, intuitive, and he is always encouraging. Italian lessons needn’t be something heavy, or something that you dread. I’m a big believer in the power of a passionate fun, teaching style.

Learn from a native speaker living in Italy.

You will find an ample selection of Italian teachers online or elsewhere. But how many are still part of the pulsing lifeblood of everyday Italian life?

Simone is a native of Lombardy and his speaking style and pronunciation is more neutral. Having lived in five diverse regions of Italy, he also understands how dialects and ways of living vary across this wonderful country.

Your success is Simone’s top priority.

This is where personalization and customization can pay handsomely. Once you meet and work with Simone, you’ll understand how powerful and effective his teaching style can be.

Kick the tires.

I love and appreciate this English expression. I encourage you to meet and “test drive” Simone with a free online lesson. What do you have to lose?  If you watch the following video AND if your interest is piqued, then write him at

There are many ways to learn Italian. I got my start with Rosetta Stone. But, if I’d had Simone and his customized Italian lessons way back when, I’d have made WAY more progress. He can be the ideal Italian tutor!

Before I sign off, I’ll band this drum again: Learn to speak Italian! It will open doors and it will help you learn the culture. THIS is no small thing!

If you’d like some quick Italian pointers, be sure to check out Simone’s Facebook page!

“Simone is a knowledgeable, fun, patient and kind Italian language teacher!  He really takes the time to go step by step with you to build your confidence and knowledge of Italian.  It’s interactive and not boring!  He takes the time to make sure you are getting the right pronunciation of Italian – we have had many laughs at my pronunciation.  I highly recommend Simone for Italian language lessons!!”

— Nicole