This is the fourth in my water series.

And the momentum seems to be growing. In fact, I’m well underway with my fifth, and other subjects are queueing up after “Splash!”

This oil-on-canvas captures that micro-second moment of a young man’s plunge into the sea after jumping from the cliffs in Polignano a Mare in Puglia. The water subjects are endless there, and if I have any challenge in this series, it’s choosing. It’s a good problem for this artist!

I love painting the human form in a watery world.

And this new perspective, coming from above, really fascinated me. But capturing a body making a splash is what fueled my brushstrokes. And I became hypnotized by painting the flying water droplets. This is why I love painting water. I get lost in it, and my brain shifts to it’s more expansive free-from-time right hemisphere.

Take a quick video tour of the creation of “Splash!”

I’m making this a habit know with each successive painting. I do this for you to “come along for the ride.” But I’m also doing it as a personal self reflection of my artistic process.

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And stay tuned for coming attractions.