It’s the little things that make the difference.

Especially in regards to the coffee culture in Italy. Once you’ve spent ample time here you’ll understand that Italians don’t tolerate bad coffee nor do they bury mediocre coffee flavors in convoluted coffee drinks burdened with too much milk and exotic flavors (unless it’s a simple “corrected” coffee). No, quality straightforward coffee is the name of the game, as is the big social aspect of coffee in the Italian culture. People stand at the bar, catching up, making new friends, and transacting business.

Treating a person to a coffee follows an important protocol in Italy.

It’s very different from the “American style.” It’s an easy place to make a misstep and stand out as a foreigner who hasn’t done the simple homework of understanding an important daily ritual. In this week’s Italian Snippet, ItalyWise walks  you through the very genteel way that Italians regularly treat a friend or new acquaintance to a coffee. I encourage you to watch the short video and follow suit.



Now you know that you OFFER a coffee in Italy. If you ask someone if you can buy (comprare) a coffee, an Italian won’t take offense but they WILL take note. I can’t say this enough: when you take the time to learn and employ things like this, you’ll find that you also garner respect and appreciation much more quickly!

If you love Italian coffee…

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