You’ may have a hard time believing this, but one of the biggest motivations for creating this blog was to share my story of getting an Italian driver’s license. Of all the things I had researched in preparing to make the move to Italy, this was the one topic that was grossly neglected. I thought, after all, how much of a hassle could this be?

Well, on one hand, I could have prepared myself better for this Herculean task (I challenge you to find anyone who would dare to say “It was a breeze!”) On another hand, I might have scared myself out of making the move, and that would’ve have been a crying shame. In retrospect, all happened as it was supposed to happen, and now my Italian driver’s license sits proudly in my wallet. This is way better than any merit badge I could’ve earned in my days in Boys Scouts.

If you’re reading this post as part of your own research, then I promise to paint a vivid picture of the experience – at least the one I had. I doubt it varies significantly from other American expats. The requirements are what they are, whether you believe they are fair or not. If you’re reading this for sheer entertainment,  I believe you won’t be disappointed..

I’m dividing this up into several “sub” posts, as I believe the whole ball of wax is too hard to swallow in one sitting. My advice….digest this info slowly, and take notes, if you will one day be working to get your own Italian driver’s license.

Here’s is how the posts are organized:

1. WHY American expats need an Italian’s driver’s license.
2. The paradoxes of Italian driving.
3. Your Italian driver’s license and your car.
4. Italian driving school – welcome back to high school.
5. The Italian driver’s manual – definitely NOT light reading.
6. Studying for the Italian driver’s exam.
7. The written Italian driving exam.
8. Practical driving lessons for an Italian license.
9. Do I keep a U.S. driver’s license?

An important disclaimer: These are simply my opinions and observations based on my experience of getting an Italian driver’s license, and are in no way meant to be a substitution for your own research and decisions in how to proceed.