The big Saturday markets will never cease to be a goldmine of opportunity for capturing the wealth of Italian faces

Recently, when visiting my dear friends Novelia and Peppe in Sulmona for the Easter festivities, I discovered the huge Saturday market held in the piazza. I had wandered out of my B&B (close by) with my camera to see if anything might catch my attention. Suffice it to say, I was snapping away almost immediately.

Italian Faces

Sisters – © 2017 Jed Smith

Italian markets are no laid-back affair

Wow, there’s serious life going on. The interactions. The commerce. The smiles. There’s enormous energy and movement. This is a photojournalist’s dream! And, what started out as a designated twenty-minute exploration turned into a two-hour project, with multiple passes through the market. Each lap would yield a fresh batch of Italian faces and interactions.


Italian Faces

Due? – © 2017 Jed Smith

Italians speak with their whole bodies.

I wish I was more fluid in this regard. But, I’m simply a restrained westerner. And, rather than trying to emulate these gestures, and fail miserably, I think it’s wise to simply applaud these masters of communication. Actually, I think it would be fun to have a caption contest with images such as these to see what the viewers infer from the facial expressions and hand gestures!

Italian Faces

O Dio! – © 2017 Jed Smith

Radiant, friendly Italian faces abound

I’d be happy, too, if I was surrounded by so many artisanal cheeses, like the woman below.

Italian Faces

Happy – © 2017 Jed Smith


Italian Faces

Carving – © 2017 Jed Smith


The market is an orchestra of constant activity and movement.

At times, I was almost on visual overload. But, I reminded myself to breathe, and to “take it as it comes”!

Italian Faces

Pomodori – © 2017 Jed Smith


Italian Faces

Ready to Shop – © 2017 Jed Smith


Italian Faces

Cigarette Break – © 2017 Jed Smith

And, when you’ve had enough…

You find a spot to rest, with your faithful friend safely tethered close by!

Italian Faces

Cooling Her Heels – © 2017 Jed Smith


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