Have no fear!

Italian holiday greetings aren’t difficult. In fact, you can probably nail them all within a mere thirty minute’s practice. Then you need to put them to use! If you live in Italy, plan on living here, or if you’re visiting Italy during the holiday season, these Italian holiday greetings will serve you well.

However, a couple of easy mistakes can land you red-faced with embarrassment.

Believe me, I’ve been there. When you watch the video below or read my previous post about Italian holiday greetings, you’ll understand why. Hint: It has to do with saying Happy New Year! My oldest sister and I still get a hearty laugh about her getting this wrong with a neighbor in Umbria and saying something entirely different than what was intended.

The video below is not only about Italian holiday greetings, but about proper responses.

There’s a definite cadence and lingo when you are interacting with Italians during the holidays. It’s an art that I’m still learning. Mastery and fluidity are still a way’s off. But, I don’t feel awkward anymore. (A glass of Prosecco helps ease my fears!).

Without further ado, I’ll let my video speak for itself.

You’ll learn the basics of Italian holiday greetings: Buone Feste! (Happy Holidays),  Buon Natale! (Merry Christmas), Buon Anno! (Happy New Year!), Buon Capodanno! (Happy New Year’s Day!), Tanti Auguri! (Best wishes) and more!