ItalyWise is hard at work.

Just wanted you all to know that ItalyWise is anything but asleep or on vacation this week. Since I’ve thrown myself headlong into the world of video production, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in shooting and editing video footage—all with the intent of making ItalyWise an even more dimensional experience. I want to make videos a regular part of my posts and I have ambitious goals for building out a robust YouTube channel.

So, I’m utilizing this weeks post as a marquee to whet your appetites for what is in store in the coming weeks.


La Giostra Cavalleresca in Sulmona.

ItalyWise takes you, once again, to one of my favorite places in Italy: Sulmona, Abruzzo. Held the last weekend in July for the last twenty-four years, this is a Medieval festival and jousting event not to be missed. I’ll take you from the processions of rich costumes and pageantry to the highly-competitive jousting event held in Piazza Garibaldi.


Pietrantonj, ItalyWise, Cerano

Spaghetti alla Chitarra – © 2018 Jed Smith

ItalyWise takes you to Abruzzo’s oldest winery.

Pietrantonj makes incredible wines. Join me for my visit to the vineyards and cantina, and for a tasting of their wines with Alice Pietrantonj (one of the three daughters of the family). The experience was a real treat and I hope that, after reading the upcoming post and watching the video, you’ll be making a beeline to visit the winery and load up on their truly elegant wines.


ItalyWise, Chitarra, Spaghetti

Spaghetti alla Chitarra – © 2018 Jed Smith

Handmade spaghetti with Novelia!

ItalyWise takes you back into the kitchen with Novelia to make spaghetti all chitarra. The enthusiasm for Novelia’s handmade fettuccine was enormous, with many of you saying “More please!” So, I’m stepping up my efforts to get this story out ASAP. This time, you’ll see Novelia using her 200-year-old chitarra to make spaghetti. Even yours truly tried his hand at this amazing invention. You’ll appreciate the culinary ingenuity and artistry that people in Abruzzo have been using for centuries, well before modern technology and machines streamlined and hastened the process. I’m a  believer that pasta “a mano” is infused with something special that machines just can’t impart!

Stay tuned!