I’ve been busy painting and writing!

And I’ve been keeping most these efforts under wraps. One big effort, which will be unveiled in the next few weeks, is my oil paintings water series. You might have seen a few postings about earlier works in the series. If you haven’t, check out  “Splash!,” “Ripple Effect,” “Fluidity,” and “Going with the Flow.” Since then, I’ve expanded the water series with three new paintings.

A new dedicated website for my paintings and photography.

Jed’s creative projects include not only painting like crazy (and living in my “happy space”). I’ve also been designing my new website. I’ll unveil the name of the website as I introduce my broader collection of water-themed paintings. You’ll also find an extensive gallery of other works. This includes Italian life-themed paintings and Greek-themed paintings. You will also find an extensive collection of both color and black & white photography!

And my first novel!

Gulp!!! Yes, Jed’s creative projects includes a work of fiction that has been four-to-five years in the making. It’s a deeply personal story and one that I hope will resonate with people. I’m not quite ready to unveil the title or a synopsis. My current plans are to publish it and have it ready for purchase on Amazon in soft-cover and Kindle editions.

I’ve painted and designed my book cover.

This too, I’ve “worked in” amongst other things, using my skills in graphic design and painting (thanks Mom!). As I was finalizing the cover just days ago I received a glowing Kirkus Review of my manuscript. This has provided the wind in my sails to keep moving ahead and get this printed. Also, a few test reading groups have given me solid thumbs up and encouragement to make sure this book is seen by a larger audience.

Stay tuned to updates Jed’s creative projects!