These aren’t just “nice to know.”

No, a few Italian words and phrases are essential if you find yourself in Italy while Covid-19 still encroaches upon daily life. That’s why I put together a new ItalyWise “Italian Snippet” YouTube video to help you prepare (and practice!). You’ll learn how to visit la farmacia to ask for and buy masks and gloves. You’ll familiarize yourself with how to read and follow the posted safety distancing instructions. Lastly, you’ll receive a few pointers on how to deal with other people during this health crisis.

These Italian Words and Phrases will help you protect yourself.

And protect others. I believe that it can’t be said enough that the biggest threat of Covid-19 spread is asymptomatic carriers. “CDC estimates that 35% of coronavirus patients don’t have symptoms” —Arman Azad, CNN (May 22, 2020).  If there one big hairy scary thing (for me at least), this is it and it’s why I’m gearing up religiously until infection rates are near zero and/or an effective vaccine emerges.

Join me on my balcony for this quick tutorial.

Sit a spell with me and my geraniums while I offer a few pointers about these Italian words and phrases. And, if you find value in this Italian Snippet, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.