Guess who scored a press pass to La Giostra di Cavalleresca di Sulmona?

That would be lucky, lucky yours truly, thanks to Saint Novelia, my dear friend and “partner in crime” (when we get together we cook up all sorts of good trouble!). Yes, I had a front row seat to this incredible event! And, I was ready with my best equipment.

This event is held the last weekend in July every year.

La Giostra di Cavalleresca became an annual event in Sulmona starting in 1994. It pays tribute to jousting events from centuries ago and Abruzzo’s rich noble heritage.

On Saturday and Sunday, around four in the afternoon, a long, seemingly endless procession of people dressed in exquisite Medieval garb makes its way up the Corso to Piazza Garibaldi, Sulmona’s main square.

I don’t know how they do this each year, but the piazza is transformed into a giant figure-eight horse track where the big event for La Giostra di Cavalleresca is held.

Watch the following video and find yourself in the middle of the action!

Rather than going into a lengthy explanation, I urge you to watch the YouTube video I created below. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of the action!

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The following week, jousting events continue featuring other countries.

La Giostra di Cavallersca doesn’t end after the last weekend in July. The festivities continue and jockeys from all over the world come to compete in country-themed events.

Learn more about the entire event here (an English language option is available).