La Transumanza, which literally means “crossing the land” is a twice-yearly practice of Abruzzo shepherds herding their flocks across the mountains and down to the plains and greener pastures of Puglia and sometimes, Lazio. You can easily understand the pragmatic nature of this. In winter months when the mountains can become inhospitable and lacking in a bountiful food supply.

Now, La Porta dei Parchi offers La Transumanza that you can join.

Yes, you can take the journey up into the breathtaking Apennines with the shepherds for four nights and three days with Nunzio’s shepherds. You have the opportunity to live like the shepherds, eating what they eat, and sleeping as they sleep. For those who either can’t rough it or prefer a nice comfy bed, other sleeping options are offered.

Master Shepherd Nunzio Marcelli tells us about La Transumanza in the following video.

The is the third in a four-part interview series about Nunzio and La Porta dei Parchi. I hope you’ll tune in to hear him speak passionately about this special event. While my dear friend Novelia is on hand again to provide a translation, this video is an excellent opportunity to hear Nunzio speak in Italian and hone your comprehension skills. Nunzio speaks quite clearly. He’s also a professor so he understands the importance of speaking clearly!

If La Transumanza is something you find yourself wanting to do, be sure to check out La Porta dei Parchi’s website where you can learn more.