If you’re like me, your adult brain can be intimidated at the prospect of learning Italian. Once you start putting your toe in the water, it can feel overwhelming, and you wish you could go back to that time in your childhood when your brain was ripe for tackling a new language. But, as an adult, you still can prevail. It just takes the right teacher, and the right focus.

Manu, of Italy Made Easy, is the teacher who will make learning Italian a joy.

His engaging and well-crafted teaching style will keep you going. He’s patient, and you won’t despair under his tutelage. Manu is a master of guiding you through a curriculum that is logical. He teaches you how to tackle the fundamentals, and then build from there.

In this week’s featured video Manu offers excellent advice on where to concentrate your efforts.

When learning Italian, so many things can vie for your attention. You can find yourself saying “Where do I start?” I urge you to watch this video and follow Manu’s advice. I was particularly happy to hear Manu emphasize learning and understanding the grammar. While I learned a great deal from Rosetta Stone, it didn’t teach me the grammar. It’s not enough for me to be “passable” when speaking Italian. I want to have the ability to be more expressive and poetic.

Manu soon is launching Zero to Italian!

I can’t wait for the unveiling of this new method of learning Italian. Be sure to check it out. In the meantime, Manu offers a TON of free videos (through his YouTube channel, or through ItalyMadeEasy.com). If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked in short order!

Master the Italian alphabet

Okay, I can hear you saying “Com’n, that’s so remedial.” No, it isn’t. Learning how to pronounce each letter of the Italian alphabet is going to come in handy. Just over a week ago I was on a call with a customer service agent. She was delightful, and when I asked her if she spoke English, she offered to put me on hold and find an English speaking operator. I said “Proviamo in Italiano” – which means “Let’s try in Italian.” Wow, what a great lesson for me to put what I’ve learned into practice. AND, several things (like my email address) required my spelling out by letter. If you don’t know the alphabet you easily can go wrong. So, I leave you with this video from Manu about the Italian alphabet. Enjoy!


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