My love affair with Venice deepens.

Especially Venice at night, and when it approaches the bewitching hour. The lion’s share of tourists in the main thoroughfares have dissipated. And when you wander off the beaten path, you can be a spectator of the comings and goings of the locals. This is when things get really interesting. The image above was taken just outside the entrance of Istutito San Giuseppe, a convent in the heart of Venice that offers affordable nightly accommodations (as long as you can abide by the 11 p.m. curfew). We were saying goodnight to dear friends when I spied the red dress, the star of this image, making its way across a nearby bridge.

An intimidating door pull.

To make Venice at night even more mysterious, just look at the plethora of door adornments that are ripe with foreboding qualities. Consider this: the door to the aforementioned convent had this door pull at its entrance. Maybe I’m crazy but I’d expect a convent to be a tad more welcoming. This door pull, which epitomizes agony for me, would make me think twice before ringing the bell.

Venice at Night

Agony © 2018 Jed Smith

Midnight comes and illuminated windows invite scrutiny.

This is probably one of my favorite aspects of Venice at night––the illuminated windows. Go ahead, call me the Peeping Tom of magnificent interiors. I’m blown away at the chandeliers (often crafted of Murano glass) timber cross-beam ceilings, and centuries-old frescoes. These are glimpses you don’t get in daylight hours. The image below was captured at midnight. The stillness of the streets and canals of Venice are heavy with intrigue.

Venice at Night

Midnight in Venice © 2018 Jed Smith

An enoteca remains lively well past midnight.

I love almost all aspects of Venice at night, save the drunken tourists or seasonal students sowing their oats during the wee hours. Most restaurants are shuttered by midnight, but many bars and enotecas seem to go with the flow of the evening and remain open. In the image below an enoteca in the Dorsoduro is not petering out. Conversation remains spirited, contrasting the subdued energy of the small osteria next door as their last customers linger.

Venice at Night

Past Midnight © 2018 Jed Smith

If you’ve enjoyed this brief photo essay, I encourage you to check out a previous post on the same theme. I’m not done with exploring Venice and night, and I’m will most likely dedicate an evening to pursuing such captures in a more concentrated fashion (vs. an add-on to a great outing with friends).