My face looked something like this when I first cracked open the Italian driver’s manual.

I’d just picked it up from my Scuola Guida instructor. “How hard can this be?” I asked myself. I had a basic command of Italian, so with Google or DeepL translator close at hand, I could note the words and phrases I didn’t know.

After two hours of doing just that, I hadn’t made it past the first four pages. And those pages were covered in sticky notes.

If the Italian driver’s manual had been anything like the quick and easy-read driver’s manuals back in the good ole USA, this wouldn’t have been problematic. But the Italian driver’s manual is a thick book by comparison. It’s also loaded with information (like detailed car mechanical explanations and detailed instructions (and responsibilities) for emergency first aid). All this means that your journey, and your subsequent theoretical exam, will be littered with words and phrases that are rarely found outside of driving school.


But, my friends, there is hope and help to make your journey less painful.

Yes, there IS indeed an Italian-to-English translation of the Italian driver’s manual!

And how I wish I’d gotten my hands on one when I entered my Italian driver’s license studies ten years ago. My life would’ve been so much easier.

Italian Driver's License Studies

You can purchase this hard-to-find Italian-to-English translation (2016) here at

Additional international shipping charges will apply.

This Italian-to-English Translation of the Italian driver’s manual can be your best friend.

Don’t be put off that this is a 2016 edition. Even though it’s seven years later, you’ll find the content pretty much the same. The translations are side-by-side. Just have a highlighter in hand, and you can be off to the races in your Italian driver’s license studies!

I’ve shared this resource before, but mostly in the comments sections of previous posts related to this obligatory experience for Italian newbies! I just received an inquiry this week as to whether something like this actually existed. So I decided to dash off a post giving everyone the direct link for purchasing this invaluable resource!

Italian driver's license studies

And one last and BIG lifesaver!

That’s the QUIZ PATENTE UFFICIALE 2023 application (link to the Apple Store here)  for tablets and smartphones. For me, the death knell for successful learning is when it is devoid of fun. This handy application turns mastering one’s knowledge of the Italian driver’s manual into a game. It made all the difference in the world for me. In fact, I was taking practice tests in bed every night for the last week leading up to my theoretical exam.

Of all the topics that get the most hits on my blog, it’s the Italian driver’s license process that sits at the top. That’s why I continue to write about this important topic and why I continue to offer resources these ten years later!