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Get to know Manu of Italy Made Easy

Today’s post is a second of several special installments about a powerful resource for learning Italian – Manu Venditti, the best online Italian teacher I’ve come across. And, I’m a pretty tough critic of teaching styles, so I hope you’ll follow my recommendation and get to know Manu.

Manu’s Italy Made Easy is loaded with free lessons

If you’re like me, you like to “kick the tires” if at all possible when choosing a teacher of any sort. Oh, how I wish I’d been able to sample some of the professors I had in college through a resource like YouTube, or the internet in general (I guess I’m dating myself, huh?). But back in those “dark ages” nothing like that existed, and I only had word of mouth, or personal recommendations to go on.

Once you sample Manu’s online Italian lessons, you’ll be hooked.

And, this is a very good thing. There’s nothing worse than the dread that often comes with learning and studying with a boring teacher. With Manu, you can’t help but enjoy yourself. I learned a great deal with Rosetta Stone, and while I continue to use it, its teaching approach just throws you into the deep end of the pool, and you basically learn how to swim without any explanations of the grammar.

Manu will help you understand the nuances of Italian, and the differences from speaking English.

This is no small matter. My brain needs to understand the underlying logic of a language. It isn’t enough for me to “get by” with the basics. I don’t want to sound like I’m talking baby talk when I speak with Italians. And, I want to be able to understand the conversations going on around me – which often occur at dizzying speeds.

In closing, I share with you a very fundamental lesson from Manu – How to say “What” in Italian. I encourage you to swim around in the vast selection of ItalyMadeEasy.com free videos to get your feet wet. You’ll also find them on the Italy Made Easy YouTube channel. Then you can kick it up a few notches with a more structured program (including something exciting Manu is launching soon!)

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