I was needing a shift.

And I’ve learned that when I need more equilibrium, I lean into my creative endeavors. They bring me back to center and get me out of that left brain place that can get stuck in overthinking and worry. These days and current events easily can kidnap my attentions and shut out everything else. So, I was prime for a spontaneous creative project.

An after-dinner stroll lead to midnight explorations.

We’d just had a stellar meal with friends at a small restaurant near the Port of Oneglia, in Imperia. We’d slightly over-consumed and we agreed that “una passeggiata” was in store. The port area was practically deserted, but more boats were parked in readiness for the fishermen surely heading out at the dawn’s first light. The water was like glass and the night sky was deep and inky. Everything was cloaked in profound stillness.

Something commanded me to put my periscope into action.

I hadn’t planned on it, other than knowing early I needed a mental health shift. But I’m learning to pay attention when that “voice” prods me into action.

So I readied my iPhone, being careful to put it in night mode (how I love that setting!), and started shooting. I was blown away at what my impromptu midnight explorations gifted me in the span off 15-20 minutes (I had to remain somewhat sociable!).

Beauty often lurks in the shadows.

And that’s where I looked mostly and ended up pointing my cellphone camera. The results here are my favorite images. I’ll stop here and let you peruse the images of midnight beauty in our beautiful hometown of Oneglia, Imperia.

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All photos © Jed Smith 2022
Midnight Explorations, Oneglia, Imperia
Midnight Explorations, Oneglia, Imperia
Midnight Explorations, Oneglia, Imperia