Going forward, my ItalyWise blog will be dedicated primarily to the Italian culture and language.

I know that already I’ve presented quite a bit about the culture and language. But I feel as though I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. AND, I’m increasingly concerned that many people considering making Italy their home don’t realize how inextricably the culture and language are intertwined and how knowledge and competency in both are essential to a rich experience here. Too many people, in my opinion, come to Italy and tote along most of their homegrown habits and don’t do the work (yes, it can be exhausting) to learn and reach a competent level of the language and integrate themselves into the Italian ways of life.

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My ItalyWise blog no longer will include immigration issues.

This means anything relating to obtaining visas, permessos, and citizenship. I am not an immigration expert and much has changed since I landed in Italy eight years ago. The lion’s share of inquiries I’m receiving are about a myriad of issues pertaining to immigration—so much in fact that I’ve taken a step back, realizing I’m out of my depth in a topic for which people need expert answers. Believe me, I know the frustrating experience of trying to find thorough, clear, and dependable sources of information on this most fundamental aspect of moving to Italy long-term. I feel your pain.

The same goes for working/business issues in Italy, personal finance, and tax issues. For the latter I offer one simple piece of advice: Employ the expert and indispensable counsel of qualified accountants in both one’s home country and in Italy.

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Leaning into the topics that bring me joy.

Don’t hit me for borrowing from Marie Kondo, but I AM taking much of her advice to heart. I’ve stubbornly resisted saying that I’m retired, but not anymore. I’m ready to indulge myself with the topics for which I have the greatest passion.

My ItalyWise blog will include more about the Italian language.

I’m working with an Italian language expert (and native speaker) to provide even richer content. And should you be desirous of making a beeline to real competency in speaking, writing, and reading in Italian, this teacher will be available for one-on-one online instruction. Stay tuned!

And, be sure to check out my ItalyWise YouTube Channel to get some language pointers!

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More food, wine, and daily living.

This means loads of food and wine posts. I’ll be hitting every cantina and enoteca that I can in order to help point you to the best wines. I’ll be seeking out the best food artisans—people whose love and passion for their craft are their driving force.

I’ll be diving more into the more interesting aspects of Italy’s history, and its long and winding road of development. I’ll even delve more into the Italian government, though one can get whiplash trying to keep up the mercurial political loyalties of Italians.

Everyday living (including getting a driver’s license and navigating the healthcare system), customs, and mindsets remain worthy of copious posts.

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Personal musings will continue.

Moving the entirety of one’s life to Italy, as does any major life change, can take a person on quite the journey of self-discovery. On the ItalyWise blog, I write about my experience not only as a public and therapeutic form of journaling but also as a way to share what other people might be in for. In writing such posts I don’t expect everyone to relate or to say that my experience is universal. Maybe a small part of what I share will resonate with you and help you to know that even a person who is thriving in Italy has had to surmount some obstacles while landing in some potholes along the way.

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Lastly, and certainly not least, my art and photography.

I love speaking through my painting and with the images that I capture with my camera. Expect loads more!

ItalyWise Blog

A housekeeping note

I will be moving the aforementioned topics that are going bye-bye to an ItalyWise blog archive section. They will be housed there for reference only with the disclaimer that much of the information contained in the post may be dated.

Thanks for continuing on the journey with me!