THIS is one of the most often used phrases when speaking Italian.

You may adhere to the “Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain.” commandment. If so, you can merely take these expressions as “good to know” when visiting or living in Italy. You’ll hear it a LOT and in a variety of situations. Being a heavily Catholic country, religion is woven deeply into the culture and the language. Even regular churchgoers use this phrase.

“Oh God!” in Italian can be tailored in tone and emphasis.

In the Italian Snippet video below you’ll learn how. You can mutter it under your breath. You can exclaim it when something unexpected strikes (usually something not so good). Pick your style. Just don’t go crazy and exaggerate with these Italian expressions because you’ll stand out like an unenlightened foreigner. If there’s anything that can make native speakers cringe, it’s hearing over-the-top applications of their language—usually due to misguided reenactments of too many Hollywood Italian portrayals.

But, be forewarned. A simple, misplaced emphasis can land you saying something entirely different.

As you’ll hear when you watch this Italian Snippet, saying you hate something, “L’Odio,”  may be in a completely different spectrum of intent, but you could find yourself talking about God unintentionally, or vice versa. Take time to learn these subtle differences and to practice in the privacy of your home or in the sanctuary of friends!


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