Immersed – © Jed Smith

I love Italian faces. I could spend the rest of my life just working on capturing them in my photography and in my paintings. In this post I share with you four recent images that focus on the weathered faces of seasoned Italian gentlemen.

Italian faces don’t hide or mask one’s disposition

I know this sounds like a gross generality. But, I think overwhelming this is true compared to faces in many other cultures. At the risk of playing into the trite depictions of Italians in Hollywood, Italians are passionate, and they don’t put the reins on letting their emotions be seen. You see it in the animation in how they speak, and use their hands. And, facial expressions speak volumes. I love it.

When I’m back in the good ole USA I’m struck by how reserved many people seem by comparison. I’m a prime example. While I consider myself expressive when I’m relaxed and comfortable with other people, I also know I have a few filters that sometimes prevent me from being more spontaneous with my emotions.

Italian Faces, Italywise

“Diggin’ His Cigar” – ©2017 Jed Smith

Italian faces don’t leave you with a lot of guesswork

The above photo is a prime example. This man is totally and completely into his cigar moment. No, he’s not sitting on a cushion in a meditation studio chanting “Ommmm” but I dare say this man is having a supreme moment of meditation and presence.

Italian Faces

“Into the Fray” – ©2017 Jed Smith

In this image, I capture a gentlemen arriving at a large Saturday market. I call it “Into the Fray” because he’s about to step into a swirling mass of people and activity. Everyone reads something different into an image, but I detect a man steeling himself for navigating the crowd.

Lastly, I share a particular favorite, and yet another man enjoying his “smoke moment”. I love the juxtaposition of his face and the fine swirls of smoke.

Italian Faces, Italywise

“Smoke” – ©2017 Jed Smith

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images. If so, I encourage you to check out my online gallery of photography (color and black & white) and paintings.