Go deep.

This is becoming my mantra here in Italy. The potential for rich experiences is plentiful. But it’s easy to zoom by, to just take it in all in too superficially because there IS so much and you can find yourself trying to accumulate and check off as many experiences as possible. It’s easy to feel anxious that you simply won’t be able to cover it all.

La Porta dei Parchi, a spectacular organic farm situated in the towering Apennine mountains in Abruzzo, has been an experience that keeps unfolding the more I’ve been willing to look deeper and not simply do a quick “drive by.”

Take an introductory video tour with me.

I love reaching out and bringing people closer to what I consider as worthy experiences in Italy. I especially like getting deeper into the culture and heart of people like Nunzio Marcelli, master shepherd and visionary of this organic farm which makes some of the most palate-worthy sheep and goat cheese you will ever put in your mouth.

So, after a love affair with this farm and the enormous herd of goats and sheep—an affair that began two years ago with a day on the mountain with Nunzio’s shepherds, I decided to hunker down and share the fuller story.

Before I step back and let you watch the five-minute introductory video and get your first real look at La Porta dei Parchi, I want to point out that Nunzio had his vision for creating the organic farm forty years ago. This was well before following an organic philosophy was widely endorsed. At the time it was the exception, not the rule. Bravo to Nunzio for making his vision a reality. I encourage you to visit the farm’s website to learn more.

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