This is the story of a Prosecco that took on Champagne and other sparkling wines and prevailed!

Don’t get me wrong, I love champagne. Veuve Clicquot makes me a very happy camper. But, so does Prosecco. In particular, San Gregorio’s Prosecco Superior Extra Dry DOCG Limited Edition rocks my taste buds. So, imagine my delight when I recently learned that this delicious top-shelf Italian sparkling wine kicked butt at a recent prestigious international wine competition.

It’s easy to think “lightweight vs  heavyweight” when considering Prosecco vs Champagne

Don’t make this mistake. Yes, the Champagne method results in wines that can be cellared for a longer time while Prosecco wines are meant to be consumed young. But, that doesn’t mean Prosecco falls short in the complexities of flavor and structure. The San Gregorio Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry DOCG proves that.

The Challenge International du Vin is one of the longest running wine competitions in the world.

And, when it was Prosecco vs. Champagne and other sparkling wines from around the world, San Gregorio’s Prosecco walked away with the gold medal in its category.

I hope that this kind of acclaim will prod more people to sit up and take notice that Prosecco isn’t just an Italian spumante that coasts on being light and refreshing—and instead, highlights a care and artistry that holds its own and even prevails against Champagne.

Join me for a special video dedicated to this award-winning Prosecco.

See how San Gregorio’s Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry DOCG Limited Edition wins the Gold Medal in a prestigious international wine competition!

Is it time to take your appreciation of Prosecco to the next level?

It wasn’t until I moved to Italy and actually spent time at cantinas like San Gregorio, and did side-by-side tastings, that I came to appreciate the qualities and subtleties of this wine. I’ve only recently realized that I was only skating on the surface.

I hope this post and video encourage you to dig further and to refine your tastes and choice of Prosecco.

Or, if you’re like me from five years ago, you can blithely continue on a well-worn path of Prosecco wines that make you happy. No shame in that. But, what if there is a step up into a world that takes you into a quality wine that you thought was only occupied by Champagne? 

As I said earlier, I love Champagne. I always will. But, the Prosecco wines are rocking my world, and I love that I don’t have to wait around to drink them to experience greatness. I love a wine full of character and complexity that says “Drink me now!”

As for San Gregorio, do everything you can to locate and buy their wines.

For their Prosecco Superior Extra Dry DOCG Limited Edition, you’d better act fast and be resourceful, since the wine is a limited and numbered edition!

To learn more about San Gregorio, its wines, and to arrange a tasting, go to

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