Time for a short break to refuel…

I’ve been going, going, going and doing, doing, doing. While I pat myself on the back for being able to keep multiple plates spinning in the air, the message my deeper self is giving me with increasing volume is to unplug for a couple of weeks to recharge my batteries. As I write this, it sounds like such a paradox, unplug to recharge. Hmm…

A photo helps me step away.

As coincidence would have it, when this realization that I’ve been on the verge of frying the creative circuits decided to make itself known with greater clarity, I came across the featured image. As I’ve written many times, my art and my photography are effective messengers from the subconscious.  I got a good chuckle when I “stumbled” across this one. How appropriate, a fisherman getting his haul ready to put it on ice. Jed, this creative fisherman, always has his periscope up and is always looking to explore and execute new creative ideas.

The importance of rest and recovery.

Athletes know this. Over training, overdoing it can tear the body down and make a person vulnerable to injury. Athletes understand the equal importance of training and letting the body heal and make itself stronger. I know this about my own tendency to overdo it at the gym. So, why haven’t I applied it more broadly to my life? Why do I feel such a constant need to do and achieve? Good questions that I will let simmer in the next couple of weeks.

Think of ItalyWise taking a power nap.

I like that metaphor. I’m reminded of how great ideas and great inspiration came to people like Thomas Edison and Elias Howe. When Thomas Edison was stumped, he’d take a nap. When Elias Howe was at an impasse trying to figure out how to configure the needle in a modern sewing machine the solution came to him in the form of a dream (natives carrying spears with holes in the tips).

Quit manhandling life.

I close this short “Gone Fishing” post with this important punctuation. Again and again, it is abundantly clear to me that a belief that life can be controlled with the sheer force of one’s will is a recipe for disaster, frustration, and burnout.  So, I’m exercising new muscles. Relaxation muscles. ItalyWise may appear silent for a couple of weeks, but know that I’ll soon be back, recharged and ready to go. I can’t wait to step back and see what a span of inaction will bring me!