I’ve taken leaps in my life, but moving to Italy
tops the list.

Every day of living here is yet another notch of commitment in what I call my “second act” in my life. I’ve mused about this many times in previous blog posts, but in a recent interview I gave, I realized how the theme of embracing uncertainty comes through. And there’s the important balancing act of planning (and thinking) and letting life happen.

Seconds Acts and Embracing Uncertainty

This interview request came out of the blue.

While I may be somewhat of a public figure through my blog and my art, the spontaneity of giving an interview is something at which I don’t feel adept. So, when I was approached by Carl Landau of  “I Used to Be Somebody,” whose podcast is about “(un)-retirement” and second acts in life, I felt a bit timid saying “yes.”

How did Carl find me? I thought to myself. He quickly explained that dear friends back in Sonoma had shared my story with him. So, with that connection, I gave myself over to what the river of life was offering me. Yes, go with the flow (I’m still building those “surrender” muscles).

I have a checkered relationship with public speaking.

I think it’s performance anxiety (and perfectionism) related. But I am becoming less desirous of being as close to perfect as possible and relaxing into being myself with all my flaws (they’re plenty).

But enough of the lead-up and the disclaimers. I LOVED speaking with Carl, who asks great questions and with whom I quickly found comfort in speaking about my own second act and how prominently embracing uncertainty has become a crucial element in my life.

While this interview focuses on my big Italy change, it relates to so much more.

Taking a leap into one’s passions requires full-throated commitment and not a stance of keeping one foot in the world of familiarity and perceived safety. This is what comes through when I listen to this podcast interview.

Give the podcast a listen and let me know your thoughts!

And don’t just listen to my interview (which is #74). There are many AMAZING and inspirational stories.

If you’re considering a second act, and if you’re ready to embrace uncertainty, this podcast channel is for you. Carl Landau is a delightful and articulate host. I love that his second act has included this (and a passion for Pickleball—he and his wife co-authored Pickeball for Dummies!).