This one will come in handy.

If you plan on living in Italy or spending a lot of time here you’ll inevitably be transacting business. And, as you suss out feedback from locals about the reliability of someone…let’s say, a contractor (a.k.a. geometra) you might get a thumbs up. You might also get a simple “furbo,” which says everything. It basically communicates “Watch out, that’s a clever one.”

In this Italian Snippet, ItalyWise explains.

Let me tell you. I had a blast creating this video. I hope you’ll see how much fun I had addressing something with sinister overtones (maybe a bit of exaggeration). As an artist and creative spirit, I love the marriage of words, images, and music. I ask myself, “How would this topic become more engaging with the right imagery?” and “What musical score will REALLY set the tone?” I’d been missing a key image/segment when my dear friend and brilliant stage actor pulled out a “crafty” performance quite spontaneously and generously let me capture his “shifty” talents on my iPhone. Bravo!

All jokes aside…

Divining when someone is sneaky, sly, or clever in a “stay alert” kind of way is important information that can make the difference between your life being hell or heaven. Imagine hiring a contractor who draws things out and finds a way to hit you with hidden costs (some things are pretty universal, right?). So pay attention and dig further, especially when this comes from an Italian in the know.



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