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Invaluable advice on the importance of speaking Italian in Italy

After listening to this week’s interview segment with Manu of Italy Made Easy you’ll understand just why it is important to speak Italian when you are in Italy. In the style that has earned him accolades for being such a great teacher, Manu helps you see this from the perspective of Italians encountering foreigners visiting their country.

When you speak Italian in Italy, your experiences will expand!

My personal experience testifies to this again and again. So, taking the time to build a basic proficiency in Italian will pay off handsomely. Once Italians get to know you, they can be incredibly warm and generous, and you can find yourselves being invited into experiences that normally wouldn’t be available to you. Manu shares a wonderful story about an encounter that began simply enough (foreigners speaking Italian with a man they met in a restaurant) and unfolded in truly amazing way.

Remember, the entire world doesn’t speak English as a second language.

I’m talking primarily to my fellow Americans. Sometimes I think people have a mistaken assumption that much of the world has adopted and learned English as a “universal” language. Many people come to Italy banking on Italians “bending” to speak and accommodate English speakers. Maybe this mostly true if you stay on the beaten path, well-populated with tourists. But, if you want to get beyond a touristy Italian experience, to less tourist-centric areas and small towns, you’ll be encountering many people who don’t speak English. Count on it. If you’ve taken the time to learn Italian, the communication barrier lessens significantly, and everyone relaxes. And, when everyone relaxes, amazing things happen.

Manu is a great resource for learning Italian

I encourage you to visit Italy Made Easy to see the plentiful options Manu provides for learning Italian. He generously offers a multitude of free videos. You can search by level and explore the options for having a more structured curriculum – including Manu’s new Zero to Italian program.

I also encourage you to subscribe to the Italy Made Easy YouTube channel.

In closing, I share with you, a quick lesson from Manu on how and when to say “please.” Enjoy!

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