Umbria homes invite you to dine al fresco under a pergola canopy of wisteria. Italian houses for sale

Oh, the views!

If your looking for Italian houses for sale, tempt yourself with these beauties! Believe me, I’ve not taken for granted the panoramic views I enjoy from my two Umbria homes. Many a meal have been enjoyed (often with friends) under a thick canopy of wisteria. And, just recently I transformed a garden space into a spacious terrace with a luxury hot tub for six. Imagine an evening soak under an enormous sky full of stars (with a glass of wine close by).

Italian Houses for sale include a deluxe hot tub for six with breathtaking views.

If you’re in the market for FULLY FURNISHED homes in a tranquil setting, consider these Italian houses for sale.

Parting with these two light-filled Umbria homes isn’t going to be easy since I’ve experienced so much joy, peace, and respite here. But life seems to have different plans for us and we have other Italian adventures unfolding in our home in the Veneto.

One of the things that have made these houses and their location ideal for me is that they are nestled in a small hamlet of people who still work the land. We’ve enjoyed the perfect balance of privacy and neighborly care. The latter in particular has given us comfort knowing that our neighbors keep watchful eyes on each other’s homes and each other’s well-being.

Cloaked in profound silence.

When I am there, the noise of the “regular” world falls away and I find my center again. The songs of the crickets and frogs (there’s a small pond across the road) lure me into a heavenly sleep at night. There, my whole being breathes deeply!

Join me for a thorough inside and outside view of these lovely Umbria homes!

A word of warning: This video is loaded with temptation. You’ll easily imagine yourself opening windows to crazy beautiful expansive views all around!

So many possibilities…

These two Italian homes can be utilized in many ways. We’ve resided in the large house and kept the second house as a guest house. One visit and friends and family keep coming back. The second house can also be a source of income as a vacation rental. Or, the houses can be joined to make it one larger home. Plans and an estimate for creating an internal opening between the two houses are ready to go.

I’ve just recently made a significant reduction in the price, which is now €250,000 for both houses. So, if you’re browsing Italian houses for sale, consider these!

Top-notch Italian real estate agents make the process easy.

Click here to go to the full-blown property listing with IPN contact information if you want to know more about “Le Case di Jed.” Ask for Joseph or James, a father/son dynamic duo who both speak English and Italian fluently and are well versed in making property transactions easy.

Umbria, considered “The Green Heart of Italy” is still one of the areas least tainted by over-tourism, and it remains one of the most ruggedly beautiful and tranquil regions.

Thanks for joining me for the tour of my Italian houses that have brought me so much joy!