Prepare to be blown away by this “open-air museum.”

That’s how many people refer to the tiny village of Valloria, Liguria. And what’s crazy is that it seems that very few people know about this treasure. In fact, it’s taken over a year of living here for me to actually visit this town with less than forty inhabitants. I only discovered it through the referral of one’s of our guests who had done her detective work!

Over 150 painted doors and windows.

And they’re rendered in a vast array of styles and genres. You’ll find realism, impressionism, surrealism, abstract, and more. Over 100 artists, many famous ones, have contributed their talents. Placards about the artists are adjacent to most works.

Valloria is a stunning village of painted doors in Ligura. ItalyWise

Valloria will brighten your spirits and make you smile.

I love that. As I wandered the narrow, winding streets and alleyways, I came across inviting splashes of color and ample whimsical themes. And the town is so well-kept that there’s no clutter to take away from the bountiful works of art.

Visiting is this Italian treasure is easy.

You’ll find Valloria less than a forty-minute drive up from Imperia, which is on the coast of Liguria. Parking may be your biggest challenge but I’ve yet to hear about daunting crowds there. I guess it’s still a bit of a secret. The town hosts one restaurant, which we’ve been told is quite good. So, you can make a day of it. There’s a lot of art to see, and you don’t want to rush!

Valloria is a stunning village of painted doors in Ligura. ItalyWise

Join me for a quick tour!

Putting together the following video tribute to Valloria has been a delight. Already I’m ready to go back and see more since I feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface!

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