I hit the jackpot.

Yes, I’d been waiting for this rare occurrence, Venice Snow. Last winter I waited and hoped. But no luck. Ever since I saw a few photos (on display at a local gallery) that had captured Venice blanketed in snow, I’d been itching to have my own crack at it. I have volumes of Venice images in color-saturated summer, and in dreary rain, but no snow. Imagine my delight when I saw snow in the forecast with a high probability. We hopped on hotels.com, found a screaming deal of a room adjacent to the Rialto Fish Market, and I charged my batteries and packed up my photo gear. We boarded the train to Venice with great optimism. Would the forecast be correct? Would I be gifted with this rare opportunity?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Jed Smith Photography, Venice Snow

Feeling the Bite © 2018 Jed Smith

Four hours of wandering in the Venice snow yielded bountiful results.

It wasn’t easy. The snow wasn’t timid and I had to wrap my scarf around my beloved Canon 70-200mm f.2.8 and my Canon 5D Mark III camera body while still allowing control with my fingerless gloves. And, conditions were ideal for slipping and falling. Not a good scenario for my gear. Simone offered to be my pack mule and carry my bulky camera backpack. Otherwise, I couldn’t have managed. And thank God the Venice city workers (see the fella above) were out in full force making sure the main pathways were cleared and dusted with salt.

Jed Smith Photography, Venice Snow

Wine Time, No Matter What © 2018 Jed Smith

Venice snow doesn’t crimp Venice style.

Imagine my good fortune to stumble upon this scene of locals having their lunch aperetivi. With a decent umbrella in hand, you’re good to go.

This leads me to pause in wonderment at the apparent preparedness of a city that rarely sees snow. While things might be slowed down a bit, the Venice I saw on this snowy day didn’t falter at all.

Jed Smith Photography, Venice Snow

Vaporetto Departure in the Snow © 2018 Jed Smith

The Grand Canal traffic was hopping as usual.

Vaporettos came and went with the same frequency. Commercial deliveries continued. And it all happened against the subtle, yet sublime wintry backdrop.


Jed Smith Photography, Venice Snow

Snow-Dusted Gondolas © 2018 Jed Smith

But gondola business came to a standstill.

I didn’t witness one gondola in operation during the Venice snow. No gondoliers were to be seen offering their services and their boats had been parked and were steadily collecting snow.

So, yes, lucky, lucky me to have had this amazing photo opportunity. These images are only scratching the surface of what I experienced. I love the mood of these black and white images, but I have several other images that excel in color. Those are coming next week, so stay tuned!