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White Coats in Readiness

Often I visit the archives of photography I’ve done many years ago to see how my style has evolved, and to see if there are some gems that still stand out to me. Here is one that I took at least sixteen years ago using conventional 35mm film (Fuji Velvia 100) when I didn’t have the luxury of confirming I had the shot, as I envisioned it, on the spot. Oh how photography has changed with the advancements in digital technology.

Normally I stay far away from Piazza San Marco in Venice, feeling a bit claustrophobic, and so outnumbered by the throngs of tour groups – now made even more challenging with the proliferation of cruise ships docked close by. Consequently I seek out more opportunities in the in-between hours of activity – either crack-of-dawn, when it’s virtually deserted, or late afternoon when many people are sleeping off the excesses from earlier in the day.

Having written this, I am challenging myself to go back, with a creative assignment, to somehow express the madness, the claustrophobia I consciously avoid in many parts of Venice. In other words, steer into it, and use my camera to communicate my experience of feeling “overwhelmed”. Now that I’m avidly following the show Master of Photography, I’m looking to push and challenge myself with some unique assignments. And, I have to be willing to try, and to fail. Failure is often my greatest teacher.

Amazing what a trip down memory lane will yield – appreciation for what has been done, and incentive to push myself further!

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